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What Real Estate Agents Don't Want You To Know

Buying or selling a home is one of the most important financial decisions people will make.
However, working with a professional Agent does not provide you with automatic success. Like most professionals, the quality of service will vary and many Canadians find themselves dissatisfied with the services provided by their agent. The little known truth is that most agents have little experience and offer little value for their often large commissions. In fact, for many, the most important value they provide is their ability to access the MLS® system.

There is no question that the MLS® is an important tool, but to be on MLS you need to work with a licensed Realtor, which typically means you need to pay a very high commission. When selling a home, using the MLS is not an option, but paying high commission is. You can get full service real estate services with MLS exposure without paying the outrageous commission.

Contact us today and find out how you can save thousands when selling your home.

How is it possible?

The most common question we get is 'why would a great agent work for so little?’, it is natural to think that if you pay less you will get less, but this is simply not the case. For years we have proved that great results don’t require a high commission. In fact most agents spend little in marketing or selling a property. Most of their expenses are in advertising themselves or maintaining an expensive life style. Sure, driving a late model Mercedes might look nice, but it does little for selling homes. Our philosophy from the start was to focus on selling and buying homes, offer great service and deliver results for less commission. This is what sets us apart and our clients appreciate our hard work by referring us to friends and family. Still not convinced see our testimonials and contact us to find out more about our service guarantee.

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