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Buyers can SAVE big with a Realtor

Now you can use our agents and save big when buying a home. Despite a common misconception, doing things privately will rarely net true savings. Working with a good REALTOR® is probably a much better way of not only getting what you want but also saving money. Only licensed Real Estate Agents have full access to the MLS®. REALTORS® can look at property history, market trends and sales date that is needed to successfully negotiate the right price for a property. Since most properties for sale offer the Agent representing the buyer a commission, finding an Agent that is willing to share a portion of this commission can save thousands. There is no better way to buy a new home.

If you are considering buying your new home or investment property, we can help. If you let us know what you are looking to buy, we can find the right property. Even more, we offer the best cash rebates in the industry. So when you complete a transaction with us, you will get money back... as much as 1.5% of your purchase price. This is just good common sense. Call us today to learn more about this fantastic program that will save you thousands.


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